The downtown Martin Drake Power Plant hurts children by spewing sulfur dioxide (SO2) into the nearby neighborhoods 24 X 7. The toxic sulfur dioxide is especially harmful to unborn babies and vulnerable children ages 0 - 9.

Act Now. Email the Springs City Council @ ( to let them know that you want Colorado Springs Utilities to burn less coal and more natural gas at Martin Drake. Natural gas is significantly cleaner than coal and does not spew sulfur dioxide.

Also, let the City Council know that you want sulfur dioxide air quality monitors installed at affected schools inside the 5 mile danger zone within the following School Districts:
  • Harrison SD #2
  • Fountain Fort Carson SD #8
  • Colorado Springs SD #11
  • Cheyenne Mountain SD #12
  • Manitou Springs SD #14

Click on the image below to see if your child is in the 5 mile DANGER ZONE.

El Paso County Air Quality Report for 2013